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Jesus-Part 2

In this lesson Father Chris starts at the beginning of the earthly history of christ, the annunciation, he explains how "God" can be born to a human by explaining the doctrine of the immaculate conception. Father Chris explains the birth of christ and its significance to christians, He then goes into a deeper understanding of Mary, the climax of the lesson includes Father Chris's explanation of the early life of jesus and the begging of his earthly mission.

Jesus-Part 1

This week Father Chris begins his 4-week series on Jesus. In this first episode Father Chris gives an easy to understand introduction to the life of Jesus and what it means for the church. he also gives a brief overview of Mary and her role in the human life of Jesus.


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What is the Bible

Father Chris acts as a simple cathechist and gives a basic easy to understand background on the bible in the line of catholic tradition. Father chris does not include heavy theology but he gives the reader a grasp on the bible by talking about the truth of the bible, the bible as necesary for salvation and the origins of the bible, he also gives sensible tips on reading the bible.


Welcome to St. Raymond's Catholic Church online media website, this website will provide the faithful with audio from the parishes RCIA classes and periodically recorded homilies on feast days. The audio will also be split up into subjects. but all audio will be under the category of "RCIA."